5 reasons why metal stockholders and processors should offer online ordering
Online ordering system

So much can now be done at the click of a button.

Shop, speak to friends, listen to music, book a holiday, read the news, apply for a job; all done in an instant.

And the past year has proved the true value of tech.

Online learning, appointments, meetings, interviews, chats and parties; technology kept us close whilst we remained apart.

The pandemic has served only to accelerate the pace of digitalisation, a transformation which is vital to keep up in today’s market.

But one which is yet to be fully embraced by the steel and metal industry.

Phone calls, printing, posting and even faxing are still common-place, all of which take more time, require more people and equal greater costs.

So, why not get ahead of the competition?

Give your customers the option to order online and become an industry leader.


Less room for error

Everyone makes mistakes. Human error is a thing for a reason. So, the fewer number of people involved, the smaller the chance of error.

Online ordering enables customers to directly input their information. That information is then automatically populated in your system.

Simplifying the process minimises mistakes. Less mistakes means time is saved and reputation stays intact.


Time saving

Think of all the manual steps involved in taking just one order.

Now think of all the time you’ll free up by enabling customers to do this direct.

And that’s not to say it makes the process lengthier for customers. On the contrary. No longer do they have to wait to speak to someone or make sure they’re available in the standard 9-5 office hours. Orders can be placed anywhere at any time.

You could be asleep whilst hundreds of orders come in, imagine that.


Protecting the environment

All those manual steps you’ve just thought of when taking an order, how much paper do you reckon is used? Or rather wasted.

Piles and piles for note-taking, documentation, order acknowledgments, delivery notes, PoD’s invoices, credits and so much more. And how much of that is lost and needs replacing? 

People don’t want sheets of paper they need to safely store anymore. It’s not only a faff, but harms the environment. Sustainability needs to be prioritised and going paperless is a practical step you can take.


More customers

Offering online ordering opens you up to a new demographic. And this is the demographic that soon (if not already) will be your primary target audience. Purchasing behaviour is changing, with each generation shifting more and more online.

If you want your company to grow, you need to cater to your customers’ needs, and those needs are digital.


Happier customers

If you’re accurate, saving time, protecting the planet and meeting customer needs, you’re going to have happier customers.

Think about yourself for a minute. What do you expect from a company? We’d take a bet and say simplicity, reliability and speed are up there.

Happier customers mean loyal customers who not only keep coming back, but also bring along friends.


As technology advances, so too do customer expectations. And if you don’t meet these expectations, they’ll find someone else that does.

So, how exactly can you stay ahead of the game?

That’s where our brand new Customers’ Web Portal comes in.

Launching soon, Phase 1 is E-Docs which provides your customers with 24-7 secure access to their documentation, order acknowledgments, test certs., delivery notes, PoD’s invoices, credits and more.

Phase 2 is a fully integrated online ordering system, saving you and your customers time, energy and money.

Get in touch if you’re keen to know more about when and how you can optimise your digital presence with online ordering.