Online ordering system

5 reasons why metal stockholders and processors should offer online ordering

So much can now be done at the click of a button. Shop, speak to friends, listen to music, book a holiday, read the news, apply for a job; all done in an instant. And the past year has proved the true value of tech. Online learning, appointments, meetings, interviews, chats and parties; technology kept us close whilst we remained apart. The pandemic has served only to accelerate the pace of digitalisation, a transformation which is vital to keep up in today’s market. But one which is yet to be fully embraced by the steel and metal industry. Phone calls,…

Are you ‘Brexit ready’ How the UK steel industry is changing

Are you ‘Brexit ready’? How the UK steel industry is changing

After the hardships and worries of 2020, the impending decisions surrounding Brexit have made the process a long, agonising wait for businesses across the steel industry. Although government restrictions and necessary measures have continued to stay in place, the determination of the steel industry as a whole has allowed us to think positively about growth for the future. Of course, to see this growth, it’s vital to understand how doing business in the sector has changed. From exports, imports, tariffs and everything in between, the new Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the UK and EU have introduced new rules and…

How Business Intelligence can help you to make more informed data-driven decisions

How Business Intelligence can help you to make more informed data-driven decisions

When working in any business, looking at changes and developments in the external market is an essential part of making well-informed decisions for the future. This collated data allows you to discover the most up to date information about the market and your customers. And if your business can adopt and utilise this insight in a timely manner, it will also be best placed to hold a strong competitive advantage within the sector. And this is how ‘Business Intelligence’, or ‘BI’ for short, can hold great value when trying to maintain or grow your position within your chosen market. ‘BI’…