ERP system

How to choose the right ERP system

An ERP system can increase revenue, boost productivity, improve coordination, cut costs and give you a competitive edge. But only if it’s right for you, your industry and your business. One Google search will throw a seemingly never-ending list of choices at you, likely leaving you with more questions than answers. So, if this is you and you’re in the metal industry, we’ve outlined the key considerations to have in mind that’ll help whittle down the options.   What is an ERP system? An ERP system, standing for Enterprise Resource Planning, is a type of software companies use to manage…

Online ordering system

5 reasons why metal stockholders and processors should offer online ordering

So much can now be done at the click of a button. Shop, speak to friends, listen to music, book a holiday, read the news, apply for a job; all done in an instant. And the past year has proved the true value of tech. Online learning, appointments, meetings, interviews, chats and parties; technology kept us close whilst we remained apart. The pandemic has served only to accelerate the pace of digitalisation, a transformation which is vital to keep up in today’s market. But one which is yet to be fully embraced by the steel and metal industry. Phone calls,…