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Capco Palmer Steels Ltd

Capco Palmer

Capco Palmer Ltd were established in 1984 and are part of CAP Productions Ltd who have been in manufacturing since 1854 and who have developed into one of the largest subcontract manufactures in the UK.

Based in the West Midland Capco Palmer has built an enviable reputation for dependable service, an extensive stock range and high quality processing. They offer a wide range of specifications in rounds, hexagons, square and flat bar sold in lengths or accurately cut to customer requirements.

Finding all the ingredients and blending them into a modern successful company that has the mixture of assets, skills and vision not only to become successful but to navigate its way through the difficult times as well as the good one requires focus and determination something Capco Palmer have demonstrated over nearly thirty years.

In addition to a depth of stock, product knowledge and the best processing capabilities most modern companies also need a great IT system, one that both helps them manage their operations but that also delivers the new technologies that help them stay ahead of their competitors. In was back in 2000 that Capco purchased their first PCI System – Stock.IT. “We had a good look at what was available and decided that we liked the simplicity of the system and that it was from a company that specialised in the metal stock holding and process sector. But In 2012 we decided to replace our IT system. We required a fully computerised office capable not only of guaranteeing full traceability of all stock from origin, through the works to point of delivery (satisfying the requirements of ISO9001 -2008), but also capable of providing a complete management information system to ensure the professional running of our expanding business. For this reason we moved to PCI’s new Windows based Prof.IT system.” said Robin Moseley of Capco.

Alongside this investment in a modern IT system Capco Palmer have recently moved to a new warehouse providing improved storage capacity, logistics and additional room for their new cutting equipment. All this investment is focussed towards improving still further Capco Palmers strong reputation for prompt delivery, reliable processing and high levels of customer service.

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