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CP Steel Processing Ltd.

C.P. Steel Processing of Wattlington (www.cpsteel.co.uk) an Oxfordshire supplier of steel sections, beams, columns, sheet, weldmesh and tubing, originally purchased the PCI prof.IT System in 2004, to help it achieve the growth it forecast for 2005. Clive Downhill, Managing Director and major shareholder of C.P. Steel Processing takes up the story.

“We had suffered a bad experience with our previous computer system, so we were determined to get it right when we were looking to invest in a new system to help us grow and achieve the ambitious Sales Targets we had set ourselves for 2005. We spent a lot of time investigating the PCI prof.IT System prior to placing an order with PCI, to ensure that we knew what we were getting, and PCI knew what we wanted. PCI’s experience in dealing with Metal Stockholders since the mid 1980’s was very evident in their understanding of our requirements.

We initially looked at their original Stock.IT system, which had been developed over many years, and which had an enviable reputation. However, we felt that the use of ‘green screen’ character based technology was becoming outdated, so opted for PCI’s (then) brand new offering, the prof.IT System. This is a true Windows based system, and has the ease of use, look and feel of a 21st Century computer system. This decision has been vindicated many times over. Not only have PCI continued to expand and develop the system, incorporating all that was good in the old system, and adding new features based on the new technology available, but the ease with which we can integrate the prof.IT System into standard Office software such as Word, Excel, Sage Accounts etc. is truly amazing. We can fax or email direct from the system, it even has an automated ‘To-Do’ list that is triggered by events that happen (or don’t!) when they should, to keep everyone informed with the latest up to date situation.

The prof.IT System helped us to achieve the ambitious targets we set ourselves for 2005, and we have now upgraded it with additional users to handle the new business we are forecasting for 2006. Even this upgrade was achieved with ease by PCI, as we had already built into the system the capacity for expanding it to the level we are confident of reaching.” Bob Dawson, Managing Director of PCI Systems Ltd., the authors and suppliers of the prof.IT System adds. “It has been a pleasure working together with C.P. Steel Processing to integrate the PCI prof.IT System into their operations. They are a very forward thinking company, and immediately identified the benefits of using a “state of the art” software system to help them grow their business. They have been an ideal customer in working together with PCI to install and develop a system that will help them sustain their growth into the future. Many of the suggestions and recommendations that they have made have been incorporated into the system. PCI believe in working together with our customers on the continued development of the system, as new ideas and features become available. We look forward to continuing and developing this relationship over many years to come.”

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